Tiirisule elurajoon - hubane kodupaik roheluse keskel!
Tiirisule elurajoon - hubane kodupaik roheluse keskel!

The hectic life of the capital can be tiresome. Fortunately, the uniqueness of Estonia allows you to reach the invigorative silence by the forest in 20 minutes. Fill your lungs with fresh air and let your eyes rest on the surrounding greenery. Leave your worries behind and spend well-deserved time with your family and loved ones.

Come and create your home in Tiirisule residential area to enjoy the serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Neighbours like you

New developments attract people with the same standard of living and age group, usually young families.

Similar needs and interests form a solid and reliable basis for coordinating joint activities and discussing topical matters.

Why not hold a ping-pong or badminton tournament between neighbours, go door to door in celebration of Kadri’s day or arrange joint walks and carpool?

Tiirisule residential area
Tiirisule elurajoon - hubane kodupaik roheluse keskel!

Home of golden sunsets, under a clear starry sky

In Tiirisule, your home is not limited to four walls – for little adventurers there are large, spacious gardens, and a shared playground to get lost in the games.

Set up a cosy fortress tent under the stars to look for constellations or have a proper tea party with waving flags in the playground – the only thing that limits children is their imagination.

Tiirisule elurajoon - hubane kodupaik roheluse keskel!

A dream home where everything is exactly where it should be

A garage for several cars, spacious storerooms, living room across two floors or winter garden – your creativity can fly free!

There is enough space around the house to enjoy the pleasures of the yard: create your own kingdom for the master griller and dig your fingers into the soil to later enjoy fresh produce right from the garden.

In Tiirisule the sun shines and lush greenery thrives!

Tiirisule elurajoon - hubane kodupaik roheluse keskel!
* Images are illustrative and may differ from the actual completed environment