Everything you need is always at hand.

Just 10 minutes away by bike or a few minutes by car there is Laagri district with clubs for various hobbies, entertainment venues, restaurants, shops and everything else that makes life convenient.

Laagri School and kindergartens are 3,5 km away from Tiirisule and even closer is freshly opened Laagri School’s branch Möldre maja, that at first will function as an elementary school.

In August 2022, a new kindergarten with 8 new groups will be opened at Kotka and Kraavi Road intersection. Saue parish is also planning to build a new kindergarten on Kivila property adjacent to Tiirisule residential area.

At 132 Instituudi Road, a new mall has been opened up. In addition to a large grocery store, multiple other shops and services have opened their doors to the Alliku community.

For an example, a pharmacy, wine and cheese shops, a pizza restaurant, beauty salon, an events centre, a flower shop and parcel terminals can be found in the complex.

Paved paths for pedestrians and bikers lead to both Tallinn city centre and Laagri. Public transport stops are within walking distance at Instituudi tee, and Harku health routes are located nearby. The needs of each family member are met, and everyone can conveniently follow their daily routine.