The rules of building

General information

Land plots: 17

Number of floors: main building up to 2 floors, auxiliary building up to 1 floor, cellar floors are not provided

Allowed number of buildings on the site: 1 main building + 1 auxiliary building, the allowed area under construction is up to 350 m2

Height: the maximum allowed height of a residential building is up to 9 m, the maximum allowed height of an auxiliary building is 5 m

Planned public green areas make up 15% of the planned area.

Small buildings (even with an area of less than 20 m2 under construction) can only be built on the building area.

General architectural requirements

Roof slope: 20° … 50°, the direction of the ridge is parallel or perpendicular to the front border of the site

Roof material: roofing tiles, tin or bitumen coating.

Choosing exterior materials: avoid materials imitating traditional building materials

Fences: up to 1.5 m high. It is recommended that the fences facing streets are sparse picket fences that are in accordance with the residential building designed on the site. Fences between land plots should be made of metal mesh panels, combined with landscaping (hedges, climbing plants).